domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Qi Gong


In Chinese, ‘Qi’ means energy and ‘Qi Gong’ means working the Qi.
The Chinese philosophy principle is based on the understanding of the individual as an energetic being and integral part of the Universe ("Microcosms in the Macrocosms"), with which performs energy exchanges constantly.
In our body, we have different kinds of energies that circulate trough channels called meridians, which are directly connected with the five organs (leaver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys) and have such an importance in the adjusting and the maintenance of the main physiologic functions, allowing the organic homeostasis.
The daily stress, unbalanced nutrition, lack of sleeping, lack or wrong physical exercise practice, emotional disturbances (anger, joy, concern, sadness, fear), and exogenous factor aggression (wind, heat, dampness, dryness, cold), weaken the energy in our body and can block its circulation causing pathologies.
‘Qi Gong’ is an ancient Chinese method (its origins remains to 5000 years ago in China) of breathing techniques and specific movements and postures, that increases the intake and circulation of energy in our body and adjust the balance between ‘body & mind’, in order to promote an healthy existence.
‘Wudang Qi Gong’ or ‘Daoist Qi Gong’, comes from the Wudang Mountain in China and has been practiced everyday from centuries ago till our days, by the Daoist Priests, martial arts Masters and local people in Wudang.
The goal of practicing internal qi gong is to expel the toxins and the old and unhealthy qi that has accumulated in our bodies over the time and to take in and store in the ‘Dan Tian’ (energetic centre), new healthy fresh qi to strengthen the body, revitalizing the energy and the spirit.
Many benefits have been proven with this practice, such as: strength the vital energies, the five organs, the tendons, the muscles and the bones; invigorates the immune system; regulates the endocrine glandes and the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems; promotes the energy and blood circulation; unifies the ‘body & mind’ in an harmonious balance; improves the qualities for martial arts fighting; expands the mind to achieve higher levels of conscience and develop the spirituality.
Qi Gong is a powerful method to health and mind preservation. It could be practiced in order to avoid as well as treating diseases. 
People of all body types, ages, and goals can practice qi gong and enjoy its healthy benefits.
All of the Qi Gong benefits make the Wudang Masters to believe that Daoist Qi Gong is ‘The way to the longevity’.