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Wudang Qi Gong Seminar, 4th Nov Turku, Finland


'In Chinese, ‘Qi’ means energy and ‘Qi Gong’ means working the Qi.

The Chinese philosophy principle is based on the understanding of the individual as an energetic being and integral part of the Universe ("Microcosms in the Macrocosms"),with which performs energy exchanges constantly. 

In our body, we have different kinds of energies that circulate trough channels called meridians.

The daily stress, unbalanced nutrition, lack of sleeping and wrong physical practices, weaken the energy of our body and block its circulation, which causes pathologies.

‘Qi Gong’ is an ancient Chinese method of breathing techniques and specific movements and postures, that increases the intake and circulation of energy in our body, unifies the ‘body & mind’ in a harmonious balance, expands the mind to achieve higher levels of conscience and develop the spirituality.

It’s a powerful method to health and mind preservation. It could be practiced in order to avoid as well as treating diseases.

‘Wudang Qi Gong’ or ‘Daoist Qi Gong’, comes from the Wudang Mountain in China and has been practiced everyday from centuries ago till our days, by the Daoist Priests, martial arts Masters and local people in Wudang.

People of all body types, ages, and goals can practice Qi Gong as well as enjoying its healthy benefits.

All of the Qi Gong benefits make the Wudang Masters to believe that Daoist Qi Gong is ‘the way to the longevity’.

Seminar program:
10:00-10:30 a.m. "Chinese philosophy theory brief":
*Chinese Emperors
*Yin & Yang
*Lao Tzu & Daoism
*Qi (energy)
*Chinese medicine
*Qi Gong
*Wudang Qi Gong
*Qi Gong points

10:30-12:00 "Qi Gong Training"
*Qi Gong forms exercices

12:00-12:30 "Snack time"

12:30-14:00 "Qi Gong Training"
*Qi Gong forms exercices
*Daoist meditation

14:00 "The End"

This is a program prevision. However, during the day of the seminar, this program can suffer some changes, depending on the amount of questions from the seminar participants as well as the Qi Gong practice.

Language: english

The number of places is limited. Please send an email with your name to book your place at the Seminar. Choosing "attend" at the facebook does not garantee your place at the seminar. Thank You!

email to book (also for any questions): info@joelsalvador-medicinachinesa.com

Qi Gong Seminar webpage:

Joel Salvador Website: www.joelsalvador-medicinachinesa.com

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*oficial website: www.budokwai.fi

*Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/budokwai.taekwondo?ref=ts&fref=ts

The Qi Gong Seminar was Great! 

I want to thank you all for participating.

Here are some pictures...