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The Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has its origins in China about 5000 years ago.
It is the oldest medicine in the World and has been the most practiced throughout human history.
Its principle is based on the understanding of the individual as an energetic being and integral part of the Universe ("Microcosms in the Macrocosms"), with which conducts exchanges of energy constantly. If the energy of the body is not in balance confront the disease.
In our body, there are specific channels called meridians, through which the energy ("Qi" in Chinese) circulates.
Each meridian is directly related to an organ (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys) and we can access to the energy flow through specific control points called acupuncture points.
If there is an energy imbalance in a particular organ or meridian, we will have the consequent emergence of pathology.
Through the ingestion of Chinese herbs and with the introduction of filiforms needles into the acupuncture points, we can balance the energy of the body, acting concurrently in the symptomatology and ethology, going to the root of the problem so that it does not even show up again in another form.
In the first consultation, is carried on a conversation between the doctor and the patient, who will be examined according to the criteria of the Chinese Medicine diagnosis (pulse, tongue, clinical history, etc..), to be drawn up the energy diagnosis and the treatment protocol, in order to  harmonize the body energy imbalances and heal the physical manifestations of the problem.
The most important TCM treatment methods are: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, Tui Na, Qi Gong and Chinese Dietetics.

It is a painless technique that involves inserting acupuncture needles into acupuncture points. Harmonises the energy flow in the meridians.

Stimulation of the acupuncture points with a TCM laser. Ideal for people with fear of needles.

Stimulation of the acupuncture points with electric pulses.

Chinese Herbs  
Available in drops and tablets. Tones the body`s energy.

Burning of mugwort herb in acupuncture points or areas. Heats, tones and unlocks the meridians.

Applying suction cups on acupuncture points or painful areas. Drains blood stasis, liquids or energy.  

Tui Na
Chinese energy massage. Promotes drainage of energy in the meridians.

Chinese Dietetics
In Chinese medicine, the food (along with breathing), is the most important input of energy to the body. A personal selection of food should be selected either for prophylaxis or during the treatment.  

Qi Gong
Medicinal Chinese body exercises. It operates in the prophylaxis and the treatment of diseases. 

TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor 中医
Tai Ji & Qi Gong Wudang teacher
Dao Yoga teacher

UMC-Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu, China
Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy, Wudangshan, China.

Postgraduate courses
Pain & analgesia, orthopedic diseases, laserpuncture, electroacupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, auriculoacupuncture, tuina. 



Testimonials from some of my patients.

(direct translation by google)


"I'm allergic to dust mites, pips, dust, smoke and hay. Normally I have a stuffy nose all year and spring is impossible for me to walk in the garden because immediately start sneezing non-stop compulsively and have tremendous itchy eyes. I went to the Chinese medicine consultation and performed 12 treatments of acupuncture while I took Chinese herbal medicine. Halfway through the treatment I was feeling more and has virtually no immune sneezed. I finished the 12 sessions since then and never had itchy eyes and sneezing. Susana, 53 years "

Allergic Asthma

"Since I was born I have asthma attacks when I'm around horses, cats and dogs. Also never got used to breathing through the nose but the mouth. I'm always with asthma pump in my pocket for when I have one of these crises. I went to the Chinese medicine consultation and from the first acupuncture treatment that never had any asthma attacks. After 8 sessions, I even sleep at a friend's house that had cats that slept at the foot of my bed. I conducted 12 sessions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and took the five months have passed and never used the pump. I am very happy to have been able to ride again. John, 15 years " 

Cervical pain
"One day, appeared to me a violent pain in the neck accompanied by lots of muscle stiffness in the area of ​​the trapezoid to the shoulder, which made it impossible for me to turn my head to both sides. I've been 3 days to take painkillers and anti-inflammatory without result until I went to Chinese medicine consultation. Realized one acupuncture treatment and 80% of the pain disappeared. I returned to the clinic two days later to perform more treatment time and the pain disappeared and never returned. Patricia, 40 years " 

Sciatica pain
"There are about 6 months, I started having sciatic type pain in his left buttock, radiating from the back of the leg to the big toe. I took some anti-inflammatory and painkillers without success until I decided to seek help in Chinese medicine. I improved a lot on the first session of acupuncture and pain disappeared me after 3 sessions. Realized a cycle of 12 treatment sessions and took Chinese herbal medicine to prevent back pain. I finished treatments for 8 months and pain never returned. Judith, 29 years " 

Cystitis chronic (recurrent urinary infections)
"I have recurrent urinary infections. I even have 5 per year. I tried acupuncture and a treatment of about 3 months. Since I started treatment that never had urinary infections. I finished treatment for about 1 year and have not had any recurrence. Sandra, 38 years old " 

Panic attacks 
"There are about 3 months, I started having panic attacks accompanied by lack of cold sweats, spontaneous perspiration, many dreams and lack of will power. The day I tried suicide fortunately without success, I decided I needed help. I went to the Chinese medicine clinic, performed the acupuncture treatments and took Chinese herbs. Fortunately recovered and never had panic attacks. Jorge, 45 years "


"In a year or so ago, I have been feeling depressed, crying spells, anxious, sad, I isolate myself from people, schism in the same thoughts, have poor appetite, palpitations, insomnia, fear and lack of will to live . I felt that I needed help and wanted such help was based on natural treatments. I went to the clinic of Chinese medicine, performed the weekly treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine I took for 3 months. I continue to hold biweekly treatments of stabilization, but I can say that I am someone else. I redeemed the will to live and the ability to smile for life. Joanna, 40 years " 

"3 years ago I started to have diabetes mellitus type II. I have been taking the medication prescribed from the doctor but my glucose values is not going down from  215/205 mg/dl. I went to the Chinese medicine consultation and performed acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs about 3 months. At this time the average value of my fasting blood glucose is 115 mg / dl. I no longer feel the pressure he felt in the right kidney, my blurred vision improved, lowered cholesterol levels to normal, no longer feel the seat that felt exaggerated and I do not feel tired as ever before. John, 56 years old "

Knee Sprain

"I had a sprained knee playing football. I was with the swollen knee, with lack of strength and pain in the back fold of knee flexion. I went to the clinic of Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments performed. After the 1st treatment swelling and pain disappeared and only the knee felt tired. After the 2nd treatment fatigue also disappeared and I felt pretty much recovered. I returned to the clinic and realized a 3rd strengthening treatment. Rested a week and at the end of that period realized race without feeling any symptoms. After another week I went back to playing football without limitations. Vase, 38 " 

Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
"There are about 6 months, showed me a sharp pain that radiates to the elbow and the wrist to the shoulder, which prevents me from performing some movements. I went to the Chinese medicine clinic and performed 12 treatments and acupuncture and Chinese herbs took. After the 6th treatment, the pain began to fade gradually and eventually disappeared completely in 10 of treatment. I finished treatment for 1 year and the pain has not returned. Peter, 38 years " 

Frozen shoulder (EUP)
"About 1 year ago, i started to feel pain in my shoulder and i also lost the articulation  mobility. I could not raise my arm upper the shoulder level. 3 months ago, i decided to start with acupuncture treatments. Now, i have no pain in the shoulder, the mobility went to normality and i returned to my hydro-gymnastic and yoga. José, 58 years old."        
"In the past 3 months I have been feeling exhausted fruit of the stress of my day to day. One day, in the middle of the work day, I felt a blackout not knowing where he was or what he was doing. I started having bouts of amnesia, apathy, fear, sadness, spoke as little as possible, I was always tired and his head empty. Resorted to Chinese medicine and performed acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs without ever stopped working. I feel that the recovered memory, energy and leveled my state of mind and good disposition. Paula 44 years " 

Excess weight (weight) 
"I suffer from some health problems like hypothyroidism, and fibromyalgia. I tend to gain weight even eating very little and is very hard to get me lose it, even if it is 1 kg. I went to the consultation .. Chinese Medicine and stick the proposed program for 3 months. I lost about 6 kg and 10 cm decrease in the volume of my waist. I was very pleased with the result and with the method because I feel more energetic and learned how to eat healthily. Ana, 41 years old " 

"In a few years back I feel pain in the joints and throughout the body, I feel a lump in my throat that I sometimes chokes me, have lack of strength and memory, I feel light-headed, I suffer from insomnia and my emotional state is fragile because usually I feel depressed. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Sought help in Chinese medicine and the treatment consists of realized acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. After 12 acupuncture sessions (3 months) I stopped having pain, I feel stronger and stronger psychologically and emotionally. Maria, 63 years old " 

Hernia disc 
"There are about 2 years, I have been diagnosed two herniated cervical and two lumbar hernias. He suffered massive cervical and lumbar pain, cramps and numbness in the legs and arms, muscle tension and pain in the right hip, which made it impossible to have a quality life. Resorted to Chinese medicine and acupuncture in 12 sessions along with the intake of Chinese herbal medicine me the symptoms disappeared. At this time I do my normal life and back to have quality of life, including the Yoga practice that would have been unthinkable some time ago. Eduarda, 41 "


"I was always very skinny despite eating well. Until one month ago was 1.75 m and 46Kgs. I went to the Chinese medicine consultation where I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I started taking Chinese herbs, and at 1 month Raised logo 3 pounds of muscle. I'm feeling very well with more strength and better self-esteem. I will continue the treatments until the end. Mauro, 15 years "


"For 17 years I suffer from insomnia. I take sleeping pills that allow me to sleep about 3 hours a night. The lack of restful sleep causes me headaches and irritability. Resorted to Chinese medicine, performed the acupuncture treatments and took Chinese herbal medicine. Just a week after making the 1st treatment already slept 8 hours a day. Fulfilling the treatment plan to the end and nowadays do not take anything and I sleep about 8 hours with restful sleep. Paula, 55 years "


"I've always been an impulsive person and irritable at the slightest annoyance and never knew how to control myself in situations that I dislike. I went to consult Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments performed. Today I am a completely different person, quiet and with another approach to problems and people. Peter, 49 years " 

"There are about 5 months, I began to suffer from severe pain in the lower back with numbness, I blocked the movements and hindered me everyday. I took some painkillers and anti-inflammatories which relieved me for a few moments, but soon thereafter the pain returned as before. I decided to try acupuncture and within the first week after the first treatment ever felt someone else. Realized the 12 treatments and the pain disappeared completely. 6 months have passed and the pain has not returned. Francisco, 33 years "

Memory (lack of)"

My memory is not what it was ... however, since I still work and manage my home, I felt I needed help. Resorted to Chinese medicine and improved a lot of concentration and the ability to quickly access my memory, this capacity that I thought I had lost time ... my son is in college and also held the treatments that you have been very helpful in exam season. Catherine, 45 years " 

"Since I entered menopause, I feel very uncomfortable with the adjacent symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, mood swings, tiredness, dizziness, vertigo and pains that migrate through the body.Resorted to Chinese medicine to get better quality of life. Since I started the acupuncture treatments and started taking Chinese herbs no longer feel virtually nothing. My quality of life and self-esteem as women has improved immeasurably. Ruth, 50 years " 

Chronic constipation 
"I have chronic constipation almost since birth. Tomei all kinds of teas for this purpose without result. I tried Chinese medicine and realized the proposed treatment. Logo on day 1 my bowels began to function. I finished treatments for about 2 months and it'll still set every day and sometimes twice a day to the bathroom. Joanna, 27 years "

Allergic Rhinitis

"I suffer from allergic rhinitis for about 5 years. Throughout the year I always have a runny nose and a pressure in the sources and above the eyebrows. In spring the symptoms worsen and have sneezing followed 30 minutes and the pressure becomes severe headache. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have substantially improved my physical condition. I head relieved the pressure and went I do not remember when the last time I sneezed. Today I live in the countryside and I can enjoy my garden flowers. Peter, 50 years "


From where I suffer from sinusitis and anosmia which lead me to have severe headaches. I tried Chinese medicine in order to find a permanent solution. Realized the proposed program and at this time, in addition to already being able to breathe through my nose, I never went back to having those severe headaches and bloodshot eyes. Paula, 46 years "


"I smoked about a pack and a half cigarettes per day. I tried several times unsuccessfully to quit smoking because sooner or later returned to smoking. Showed me a serious health problem and was summoned by doctors to quit because I was putting my life at risk. Sought help in Chinese medicine and realized antismoking treatment. I quit smoking in 1 month and a half has passed 1 year and not returned to pick up a cigarette. Nowadays smoke from other smokers makes me confused and do not feel the lack of a smoke. Daisy, 35 " 

I started to feel pain on the inside of the left knee when descending stairs. I did an ultrasound and accused a small internal ligament rupture in his left knee. I conducted three acupuncture treatments and the pain disappeared. Treatments continued until the 12th, I again repeat ultrasound and tendonitis was gone. Teresa, 62 "